School Council (last updated May 2017)

The school council is a body of children made up of two children from each class. At the beginning of the year the children are voted in by their class mates and teachers.
Within this there are three year 6 children who make up the chair, vice chair and secretary and support the younger members within their duties.
The purpose of the school council is to improve the school by listening to suggestions from everybody, relay important information to classes and organise specific events and competitions.
We meet regularly to hear suggestions, plan events and action agreed ideas that have been approved by our headteacher.
This year we are supporting the Christmas and Summer Fayres and fundraising for local and international charities such as Water Aid and Book Aid.
Our biggest focus is developing a love of reading through competitions and developing exciting home learning ideas that children can do with their families such as baking, nature at work and making dens.
We also have the opportunity to interview adults wishing to be part of St. Luke's.
If you have any suggestions, please add them to our school council board.
** next meeting 2/5/17 we have invited Ms Hough to attend so that we can talk about our ideas for the school this summer and next year. 
Year 6 school councilors