Enrichment and Opportunities

Enrichment and Greater Depth Opportunities at St. Luke's

At St. Luke's we offer a broad and balanced creative curriculum that aims to offer enrichment and extension where required. We plan differentiated activities that offer challenge irrespective of ability or need - all children are encouraged to make progress.

In each lesson, children who are working above expectations for their age group are supported with learning that aims to extend as well as consolidate.

Throughout the term we also plan enrichment and extension activities that offer wider experiences like : visiting authors, writing workshops, visiting GB Sportsman, Sports experiences off site, Art experiences in school and outside etc as well as Science and Geography workshops/ classes with other children locally.

Recently we wrote to parents asking them to nominate their child for a talent they may have and also asked if we could help to support in a wider school capacity.

As a school we are not always able to offer the high level sporting experiences that your child may be able to access but will endeavour to ensure that we signpost them to you through email and or by posting them on this page. We will also ensure that emails regarding new learning experiences and or Secondary/Grammar Schools options are sent to you as and when received.

Please speak with us if your child has a talent that we do not know about - we are here to help and work with you in any way we can.

Please see additional page for links and ideas on ways to extend learning.

Thank you again for your continued support