Collective Worship

St Luke's Church of England School is committed to actively promoting Christian Values across the school. The daily act of worship is an important part of school life and broadly Christian in nature as well as incorporating aspects of personal, social health and emotional learning. As a number of the children in our school are of other faiths, we are sensitive to their needs when planning Acts of Worship and those appropriate beliefs, values and festivals are included within the cycle of worship. No child should be expected to worship in a way that undermines their own faith but will be encouraged to broaden their experiences and respect others.

The act of collective worship is a time of reflection set aside in the school day and allows children and staff the opportunity to explore their own personal beliefs, attitudes to Christianity and the ways in which they treat others. It is an opportunity to worship God and build tolerance and understanding between people and religions.

Spirituality is engendered within a reverent atmosphere and incorporates activities of prayer and praise. Through Collective Worship, a sense of community is fostered and there is a strong emphasis on the promotion of shared values and belonging.

St Luke's Church of England School aims to:

  • provide an opportunity to worship God
  • introduce children to the practices of prayer, contemplation and reflection
  • enable children to grow in understanding and respect for the beliefs and practices of others
  • foster a sense of community spirit
  • encourage a sense of awe and wonder
  • consider spiritual and moral issues
  • engender a sense of values in regard to themselves, others and the world around them (linked to our core Christian Values)
  • encourage active involvement and participation
  • allow children to deepen their understanding of their own faiths, link with their home experiences and family life

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