Eco Warriors

In our school, we pick two representatives from each class (based on a voting/application system) and these children represent each class in keeping our school and environment clean.
Each term we have a new focus, which can be seen on our notice board. The children have a big impact in what we focus on termly, and we also follow an action plan to make sure we are covering all of the key areas.
The key areas that we look at are:
- Recycling (waste)
- Energy
- Water
- Transport (we encourage children to walk and ride to school!)
We have a clear Eco-code that is clear in every classroom, which underpins these key areas.
In addition, we have a card display in every room reminding people to switch off all electronics in the room.  We have done this by using green, yellow and red cards.  Green means that projectors and lights have been switched off, yellow means that only one item has been switched off and red means that nothing has been switched off.
In our school, we have achieved a green flag, which shows how dedicated our children and staff are to looking after our school and our planet.
The children in Eco Warriors have started discussed what makes a good Eco warrior and ways in which we can improve our school environment. We have shared some initial first thoughts that we will start working on and are planning to add to these ideas in the following meetings.


Key points from our meetings: