Report comments 2020

Summer 2020 Report Comments 
Please see a selection of comments from our parents and pupils - 
"I love my school because there are lots of things to do at school and I feel good".
"My son has had a great first year and cannot wait for next year.  Thank you to all the teachers, my child has learnt so much over the years.  Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work".
"Thanks for the feedback.  We can see from this report that our son has improved a lot in all the aspects and the credit goes to you and other staff members who are always there to help the kids.  We hope he will continue doing the same in Year 1 as well".
"Our son has progressed a lot.  Thanks for guiding him all through".
"My child always talks about school and the work he is doing. He is getting on really well.  Very good teachers and really helpful, my son has learnt a lot of new things.  I am very happy with school, teachers and staff.  Thank you for helping my son to improve his learning and confidence".
"Thank you for your help and support that allowed me to make this good progress".
"The transition from abroad to the UK education system seemed so challenging. You made it look so smooth.  Thank you for your efforts and laying the foundations for our sons future success".
"Very happy with our daughters progress.  She has learnt a lot from school as well as being home during this pandemic, her reading has improved immensely. Very proud mum.  Thank you for support during Covid 19".
"I am very pleased to know she is doing really well at school.  My daughter talks about Miss Beckett and Mrs Larkin all day long.  She has had a fantastic year and thank you once again for being there.  She will miss you all but hopefully will see you at school".
"Thank you for teaching me this year.  I have had so much fun and I have learnt so many new things".
"I am very pleased to hear my daughter has improved in her behavior and is doing well at school".
"Thank you all for making it a great school and helping me to make this good progress".
"We have not imagined that the transition to the UK education system will be that smooth and seamless.  We can only thank you for your efforts and support to achieve that".
"Our son has always loved learning - I am pleased to see this has continued at school.  It made me very happy to read this report! I am also very pleased with how well he coped with the changes after lock down and thank the staff for helping him to cope with this".