Feedback from Parents

Feedback / Have your say !
Thank you to parents who attended a meeting with Miss Nash in July 2018 - please see attached minutes.
Actions going forward : You asked and we have listened 
We will be changing our online Maths' programme in the Spring when our contract runs out
Paper homework will continued to be offered to those in KS1 and for those without access to a printer or the internet. 
We have changed our Parents' Evening appointments so that they are later in the evening.
We have increased the number of languages that children will be exposed to and the experiences will be creative and focused on learning about different communities and their lives e.g. Polish, Spanish, Arabic for instance.
We have amended our Art curriculum so that the children will have more opportunities to study artists and explore their style. 
The number of after school and lunch clubs have increased again giving more opportunity to the children, many of these continue to be free. 
We will review this again next year
Amanda Hough