Home Learning - updated March 2021

Home Learning and Support (March 2021 update)

Dear St. Luke's Families,

Home learning is provided if and when a child is absent or the school is closed. In these situations our teachers will set learning to be completed at home. 

As we have reopened, we will not be leading anymore live Zoom lessons and classwork will be set in lessons.

Homework will either be uploaded to the children's individual Google Classroom account or handed out in person. Please see below for the Google Classroom parent guide.

Our current offer includes learning linked to Purple Mash, eSchools and face to face teaching.

We will return to remote learning if a bubble or the school are closed.


March 2021 - changes

All learning is now face to face, if your child cannot return due to illness or because you are isolating. A weekly pack will be uploaded to your child's Google classroom page. Staff will respond when they can. 

Class emails will stay open but will only be monitored once a week

We are here to support you and will continue to do our best.

If you cannot log on or have difficulties please contact our School Office to request support and/or a new password. 

In addition, children can extend their learning by logging onto :




Zoom Celebration assemblies will cease as the School is now open.

Stay safe.

Amanda Butler