Information regarding drop off and collection - updated Sept 21

Dear St. Luke's Nursery Families, 
To support a calm and settled start to the morning session, all children will be admitted from the Nursery entrance only - this also includes families with older siblings. As such to support effective positive staffing ratios, staff will no longer be able to take Nursery children or late Nursery children to the Nursery setting from our main school.
Similarly children attending the afternoon session are to be collected from the Nursery entrance only after older siblings have been collected from main school - staff are unable to bring Nursery children to the main school at the end of the day as this will lead to a reduction in our positive staffing ratios.  
Children with older siblings may arrive at 8.35am (not before) for the morning Nursery session which starts at 8.45, please drop off your younger child before bringing older siblings to school. Nursery children without siblings are to arrive from 8.40am. 
The main school has a 'soft start' approach to teh school day and their classroom doors open at 8.40am and close again at 8.50am with a bell. Any children arriving after 8.50am into our main school will be marked as late. 
Nursery Sessions are :
8.45 to 11.45 (Gates/bells will be answered from 11.40 and not before ) 
12.30 to 3.30 (Gates/bells will be answered from 3.25pm and not before ) 
** To support a positive learning environment and to reduce ongoing disruption to learning, Staff will be unable to answer the intercom before these times unless for medical appointments or illness - thank you in advance for your understanding.
Late pick ups 
Please be advised that if children are collected 10 minutes after the session has ended there will be a £10 penalty fee for each child per session. If the child is collected 20 minutes after the session has ended the penalty will increase to £30 for each child per session. The collection times will be kept as a record and where fines are left unpaid children may not be permitted to continue at the Nursery.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.  
Best wishes
Amanda Butler
(Headteacher/Inclusion Lead)