Life in Modern Britain

We are an inclusive school that prides itself on celebrating and actively promoting what it means to be a positive child in Modern Britain.
We actively promote the values of British democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and most importantly a mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. 
We promote these values through our school vision, our creative curriculum, teaching and learning strategies, our Christian core values, as well as, the variety of enrichment activities in which our pupils participate.
We would like to invite you to learn more about Maidenhead and how you can support local, national and global projects.
We celebrate specific events during the school year, on June 8th 2017 we are had an Election Day to decide the names of three new classrooms. Children experienced voting and then we ran through the process of selection and democratic voting. Previously we had a fun Magna Carta Creativity Day on 15th June 2015 - where we were celebrating 800 years in the fight for freedom. Find out more at
We also had fun across the school learning about Chinese New Year through the mediums of Art and Music; and will soon be researching St. George. 
Try the website links below and see what you can find out.