NBS Initial involvement - Feb 2019 update

Journey so far ...
After a chance meeting with Lisa Peters in Cookham last year, St. Luke's CE School have been fundraising to help New Brainstorm School in Kampala, Uganda. Lisa Peters shared with Amanda Butler ( Headteacher) the work she has been doing locally with her husband alongside the founder of the charity Empower a Child (Wilson Kabeera) to support the pupils at New Brainstorm School and their Principal Mr Nickolas.
At St. Luke's we have held three fundraising days over the last five months and collected money to buy new stationery and a new sports kit for the pupils, we have also collected good quality second hand trainers that we have boxed up. All of the items were sent last week and have arrived safely in Kampala.  
"The package has arrived - delivering not only beautiful gifts and letters from their friends at St.Luke's Primary School but also happiness - excitement - hope and a wonderful feeling of self-worth. Thank you, children, thank you so much. xx"
Mr Nickolas (Principal of New Brainstorm School)
Mr Nickolas has sent photos back and the children look great in their new kit. We look forward to receiving pen pal letters from the children soon. It is a wonderful charity and school and we are pleased to help in any way that we can. We hope to develop a pen pal scheme and also set up links where we can send each other messages and video clips.
July 2018 
We collected a large number of good quality trainers that we sent to Kampala in Lisa Peter's suitcase and we look forward to receiving our pen pal reply letters back too. 
Please see link below to view the New Brainstorm School Documentary: