Vision and Aims (Inc Equality Objectives)

"Cherish, Challenge, Aspire and Achieve"

St. Luke's Church of England School prepares each and every child to take his/her place in a rapidly changing, multi-faith society. We have radically improved our approaches to teaching and learning over the last few years and can now confidently offer a promise to our families and children; that their children will flourish holistically in our care and reach high levels of attainment and progress during their journey from Reception to Year 6.

Christian values are central and our ethos is focused on encouraging positive attitudes of mutual respect and self-esteem.

We believe that our St. Luke's Christian core values will help prepare all of our children to become responsible and caring people in today’s Modern Britain.

We value each child as an individual with different talents and needs. Our aim is to enable and encourage, each and every one, to achieve their best and to equip them with the skills to be ready for the next stages of their lives.

Amanda Hough