Raising Awareness and Supporting Children

At St. Luke's, we want to share our Koinonia spirit and are proud of our ongoing charitable support and service to others. As a school, we know that many of our school families and neighbours have difficulties at times and are in need; so we try our best to support compassionately through collections for our local Foodbank as well as collections for charities wider a field.  
We are dedicated to raising awareness and to trying to support illnesses that affect young people, as well as, supporting children that are in environments different to our local community. 
Over the years we have raised funds for a variety of charities - both BIG and small, local and national charities.
Here are the charity donations made over past few years:
Total Raised - £1539.42
Water Aid - £231.56
Book Aid - £126.20
Christian Aid - £206.10
Total: £563.86
Jeans for Genes - £242.90
Macmillan Coffee Morning - £145.80
Sport for Champions - £180.40
Book Aid - £58.06
Wear a Hat Day - £143
Total: £770.16
Macmillan - £79.41
Jeans for Genes - £218
Sport for Champions - £186.70
Book Aid - £105.20
Wear a Hat Day - £194.31
Total: £783.62
Daisy's Dream - £137.40
Jeans for Genes - £223.45
Total: £360.85
Jeans for Genes - £281
Daisy's Dream - £340.20
Wear a Hat Day - £360.69
Total so far: £981.89
Jeans for Genes £218
We also continue to link with Mr. Nickolas at New Brainstorm School in Uganda.
The children are pen pals and regularly share photos and videos, we also regularly raise funds to support NBS with sports kit and equipment, as well as, sending over good quality secondhand sports shoes and clothes.
Please see the NBS tab on our website for more information.