Reading at St. Luke's

A wide range of resources are used to stimulate interest in reading and writing. Systematic phonics teaching is based on Letters and Sounds. This is embedded in a 20-minute phonics session for the Reception and Key Stage 1 classes every afternoon. This is followed by a 20 minute guided reading session where the children read aloud to an adult once a week and have the opportunity to develop comprehension skills through discussion and then independently.

Sessions are planned to support pupil engagement (revisit, teach, apply, review) all sessions are taught in a very practical way that is accessible to all; taking the children through a sequence of phases of phonic development.

The reading process begins when the children can use their phonetic knowledge to break down words (segment) in to the individual sounds and then blend (blending)them back together to read the whole word. They regularly review words that can not be sounded out (tricky words) so that they can identify them in a text and read them aloud. Through discussion children can then comment on the story, retell it in their own words and give their opinion.

All pupils’ reading is resourced appropriately including visual aids and ICT. Boxes of banded reading resources are available to every class and children are encouraged to read books at their appropriate level. These can include phonetically de-codable books. We also use materials to support children with learning 'tricky' words and the segmenting and blending of new words and sounds. In KS2 we have a selection of Project X books which are a range of stories aimed at boys. They not only increase the enjoyment of reading but are designed to develop comprehension skills as they read through the text.

The children regularly self-assess their ability and understanding, ways in which they read and also how they develop their skills as 'self correctors.' Teachers also monitor children’s progress and attainment through daily assessment and regular bench marking.  Support for parents is available through workshops and hand-outs.

Throughout the whole school Guided Reading and R&R (Read and Relax) sessions are delivered daily to support pupil progress and a love of reading. The children each have a personal reading book that they take home daily with their reading records to read at home. Children are expected to read at home for 15 minutes per evening. The reading books are checked by an adult three times a week and changed as required. Parent/carers are encouraged to write a comment in the reading record and this aids communication between home and school.

Each term every phase has a focus author, this enables the children to link their reading learning to their writing and also explore a range of work by one author. This gives the children the opportunity to look at authors who are significant in our history or to the current topic.

Please do not hesitate to speak to your class teacher if you have any questions about reading at St Luke's or how you can help your child at home.