Religious Education and Collective Worship (last updated Oct 2017)

As a Church of England School, we accept children of all faith and those of none. We actively celebrate the wonder of faith and the world around us, as part of this, we follow the National Curriculum guidance on teaching children RE. We learn about all faiths and encourage children to question religion and to find out why people believe what they believe? 
In Modern Britain, it is important for all of our children to learn to have tolerance and compassion for others and for them to have an appreciation and respect for other people's beliefs and faith.
Throughout the year children learn about different religions and the special qualities associated with each.  
Every year we celebrate the diversity of our School and the world itself through Theology Week - the week centres on the teachings of many faiths; including Christianity, Islam, Judaism. Sikhism and Buddhism for instance. 
Please contact the school if you would like to know more. 
Our curriculum draws on materials from RE Discovery and Understanding Christianity.
Please see our last SIAMS Inspection report (May 2017) wherein we were graded as Outstanding