Returning to school during COVID-19 (23rd June 2020)

Dear St. Luke's Families,  
Thank you for your support and understanding so far during our closure, it has been lovely to receive your messages of support and kindness.As you are aware, the government has asked all schools to open to Reception, year 1 and year 6 children and as such we have communicated with those year groups in particular and sent initial survey/emails asking families if they wish for their child to return, for those that answered yes we have sent follow up information.  
In view of government guidance, we have not sent surveys to other year groups but will do this later if this changes; we have also not re-sent surveys with arrangements to those families in the phased year groups that advised that they did not want to send their child to school at this time. This was not seen as a productive exercise as those families had already said that they would not be sending their child back.  
As explained to families of children who will be attending, class numbers have been kept small initially and we are starting with a maximum of 10 pupils in each 'bubble', classes have been set up with desks that are socially distanced and unnecessary furniture and items have been removed, as have soft furnishings. We have complied with government and Trust guidance and have only kept key materials in the classrooms for the use of each pupil.  In all government guidance to date, the advice has noted that it will be very difficult to ensure full social distancing with primary children and in particular Reception children and we open with this in mind but we will aim to do what we can.
To promote this positively, all children will stay in their 'bubbles' when in school and will not mix with children outside of their 'bubble.' Children will have their lunch and breaks separately in their 'bubbles' and will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly.  
All plastic equipment and items will be wiped down and or washed at the end of each day and again at the end of each week to reduce risks. 
As advised, due to the ages of the children returning we cannot guarantee full distancing but will do our best to support you and your child/ren during this time. If you are unsure or have questions then please read the full guidance that can be found on the DfE website. Please remember that we are simply following government guidance and will make changes as and when we are asked to but we will only increase numbers when and if we feel able to safely do so.  
Moving forward, we will contact all parents in the initial phased return year groups (R,Y1 & Y6) again by the end of next week to see if those parents that initially said 'no' would now like their child to return. If at that time, parents are still a 'no' then we will ask that you contact us if your position changes.  
** please see attached information that has already been sent to families of children returning this week, I have also attached a booklet explaining the changes they may see in schools.

Once again I would like to thank you for your understanding and support so far, this is new for all of us and we aim to keep you up to date as we move forward together.

Kind regards,

Amanda Butler



* amended details / full email sent 1st June 2020