Safeguarding and Pupil Safety (last updated Nov 2021)

St. Luke’s Church of England School is committed to the welfare and safety of all its pupils and provides a ‘safe, secure and happy’ environment that promotes social, physical and moral development of the individual child. 
At this time of the world wide pandemic of Covid-19 it is still important that we look out for our community, policies have been adapted to ensure that we remain vigilant during this period of self isolation ( new policy below)
The school follows procedures outlined in the Berkshire Local Safeguarding Board (BLSB) easily accessed online at (
At St. Luke's, we are responsible for your child's safety while they are at school and or on a school trip. We take this responsibility extremely seriously; please contact us as soon as possible if you have any concerns.
As part of the Prevent Strategy - our priority is to also keep children safe, by working together with key partner agencies and all our communities to ensure that we tackle any kind of extremism and radicalisation.
We want to work closely with our communities to build confidence in a two way flow of information so as to quickly identify those most vulnerable and in need of support. 
Our Designated Child Protection Officer is Amanda Butler and our Deputy Designated Officers are Rachel Richards, Claire SpankieEmmaleen Dean and Katalin Bloomfield.
Our Safeguarding Governor is Reverend Sally Lynch.
Thank you,
Amanda Butler
Head Teacher
Child protection and Safeguarding - policy document
** In line with our Safe School ethos, if any adults or visitors to the school behave in an unsafe or in an abusive manner, we reserve the right to remove that adult or visitor from our school site for the safety and well being of others.