School Improvement (last updated July 2017)

Parent Feedback in 2016/2017 

Dear St. Luke's Families,

Standards are consistently good; pupils are making very good progress in English and Maths. Pupil learning and progress overtime at St. Luke's is outstanding.

94% of parents stated that they believe their child is encouraged to make good progress. 

98% of parents claimed that their child felt safe and could approach staff if worried about anything. 

84% of parents stated that they believe the school is well managed.

99% of parents confirmed they they believe their child is encouraged to behave well.

Pupils report that they like all of the different activities, playground, fun clubs on offer now, including the fact that they "get their say" and "I like maths because I like adding".


Overall Improvements

Many great improvements have taken place all around our learning areas and since that we have had great success. We have benefited massively from these wonderful changes and are truly grateful, also we hope many more are coming our way.

By Austin and Jamie