School Uniform (last updated Jan 2018)

Our aim is to have a uniform which is both smart and practical and which encourages children to take pride in their school and their own appearance. All children are asked to wear the uniform and adhere to the dress code in order to eliminate competitive fashion crazes.

Extreme Haircuts and General Appearance

The school does not permit children to have haircuts that could serve as a distraction to other children. Parents should also be aware that hair braids with beads, tattoos, nail varnish or any other form of make-up are not permitted. Hair should be of a ’natural’ colour. Long hair should be tied up and ribbons, bobbles, hair bands and slides should be simple in style and only in the school colours of red or white.

Short hair should be no shorter than a ‘No 2’ and should not have ‘fashion’ markings shaved into it (e.g. tram-lines). Mohican styles are also not permitted (e.g. shaven sides with a longer section of hair in the middle) 

Black school shoes please and no trainers 

School uniform - see below

PE uniform - all children to come into school in their PE uniform on days when they have PE

Please remember NO BLACK LEGGINGS, thank you


List of School Uniform Items:

Boys Girls
Grey trousers Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
Red polo shirt with logo Red polo shirt with logo
Red school sweatshirt with logo Red school sweatshirt or cardigan with logo
Red fleece with logo - optional Red/white hijab, if parents wish
Grey socks Red fleece with logo - optional
Black shoes Red/white/grey socks or tights
Red school book bag with logo Red school book bag with logo
Optional Summer Uniform: Optional Summer Uniform:
Grey shorts or trousers Red and white check dress
Red polo shirt with logo Red sun hat
Red sun hat  
PE Kit  - Boys and Girls Swimming - KS2 
Black shorts/black tracksuit - no logos (NO LEGGINGS) Swimsuit or trunks (no bikinis or baggy shorts)
Red t-shirt with logo Swimming hat
Black Plimsolls or trainers  Towel
Shoebag with drawstring top Goggles if necessary
Black Sweatshirt   
Please see links below to a variety of very cheap options with a variety of retailers,default,pd.html#choice:colour,default,pd.html

Tesco – in store only

Age 8 – 16




Please ensure that all items of school clothing (including hats and gloves) and personal possessions brought into school are marked clearly with your child's name.

Children need a bag to keep their reading book and words in.

Lost property will be retained for half a term and then disposed of.


Jewellery is not permitted in school as it can be harmful to other children and frequently gets lost causing the child unnecessary distress. Children with pierced ears may wear plain studs but these must be removed before PE, games or swimming and children are responsible for looking after them themselves.

Whilst watches are permitted we recommend that children do not have expensive watches as they are all too frequently lost or damaged.