SENDIA Inclusion Award

SENDIA Inclusion Award 2020-21 (last updated June 21) 
Dear St. Luke's Families, 
As an inclusive school, we are always keen to share our good practices and look at ways in which we can improve our provision further. We are undertaking an Inclusion Award with an external assessor, the award is called SENDIA.
The award helps schools to deliver high-quality education for pupils with Special Educational needs. SENDIA is compliant with the SEND code of practice. The framework focuses on removing barriers to learning through early identification, inclusive teaching and leadership. It also allows schools to evaluate impact to improve classroom and pupil outcomes.   
We support many children with special educational needs including those who are more able, gifted and talented; if your child has additional needs we may contact you to ask for your feedback. 
Thank you in advance for your time, 
Kind regards
Ms Butler