Women in Power - Role Model Project (Spring 2021)

February 2021
Making Connections - Rgt Hon. Theresa May 
Dear St. Luke's Families, 

On Tuesday 9th February, Rt Hon Theresa May (MP) joined our Years 5&6 for a Live Zoom session. She discussed females in power, her journey into politics and the laws and changes that she made during her time as Prime Minister (and is still making as a Member of Parliament today). 

Afterwards, children had the opportunity to ask a range of questions, including:
"How many events would you hold in a year as PM?"
"How do you think the Government has handled COVID and would you have made any changes?"
"What are your views on racism, how do you think we could stop it?"
"Who inspired you to become a Member of Parliament?" 

The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and opportunity to have their questions answered: 

"It was incredible to hear everything she said about Parliament."
"This was very important to me because I wanted a better understanding of politics."
"I learnt that girls should not be held back and should always believe in themselves."
"Her words have inspired me to go into politics even more. I've learnt that being the Prime Minister is not always fun but it is a privilege and a responsibility."

We thank Mrs May for her time and look forward to spending more time over the coming weeks looking at Current Affairs, Significant Science moments and Women in roles of power and influence. 

Kind regards,
Ms Butler