Workshops & Trips

Debating at Woodlands Park 

On Friday 8th February, we were invited to Woodlands Park School for a debate on “whether zoo’s should exist or not?”.

Our pupils were very professional, polite and enjoyed the whole morning!

Ms Jane


Emotional Well-being

On the 15th January, Miss Rose took 5 children to an emotional well-being course in Maidenhead.

The children learnt about the importance of mental health and that talking about your feelings, emotions and worries should be a positive and encouraging aspect of all our lives. The children have all qualified as Emotional Wellbeing Champions and have received both a badge and certificate for their achievement and participation!

The children will now be able to share their knowledge with their peers at St. Luke's - Well done to Lydia, Hailey, Roshaan, Salman and Zainab!

Animation Workshop

At the beginning of March the children in Stingrays and Starfish classes had lots of fun creating their own animation clip and enjoyed having the chance to become film makers and animators.

The link below will allow you to see the animation clip that the children made.

To download the MP4 file you will need to join as a vimeo user. Once you have signed in, go to film and click on the blue download link on the right hand side.