Workshops & Trips

MISH MASH Extravaganza - 6th November 2019

On Wednesday 6th November St. Luke's Church of England School hosted a Music Competition and Celebration. There were an array of performances, from piano solos to violin bands to singing and dancing. The children and staff had a fantastic morning sharing all of the wonderful music that they have learned.
Congratulations to the winning acts: 1st St. Luke's Yr 3/4 Choir (Waka Waka), 2nd Riverside Primary Choir (Ghostbusters) and 3rd Cookham Dean Orchestra. St. Luke's look forward to hosting again next year and welcoming talented musicians to the competition.

Miss Ryan

The Henley Literary Festival - 4th October 2019

On Friday 4th October, we were lucky enough to attend The Henley Literary Festival. We met and listened to two amazing children’s 
We loved and learned a lot from our experience.

Miss Jane

Nursery Farm Visit - 4th October 2019

What an exciting day!

Nursery children thoroughly enjoyed Farmer Chris and his animals visiting the Nursery today. We had a chance to stroke all the animals including donkeys, sheep, rabbits, geese and more.
Nursery Team