Yr 6 Transition Wellbeing groups - May 2021

Year 6 Transition groups in Primary Schools

Number 22 Community Counselling Service is offering six free group sessions once a week for six children per group. These workshops are recommended for any pupils in year 6 who might benefit from a small group environment .

The sessions are structured around building resilience and supporting the development of executive functioning. The sessions cover developing self-awareness and emotional connection, how to cope with worry, identifying negative thoughts and how to challenge them and an awareness of the impact on mood, developing the ability to problem solve, encouraging flexibility, and how to set smart goals to encourage a hopeful future.

There is a strong emphasis on having fun whilst integrating psychoeducation about how our brains work in relation to our feelings and emotions, mindfulness practices, guided visualization, calming breathing techniques. Creative thinking and art as well as group games will also be incorporated into each session. 


The workshops will be run by Sharyn Prince who is a counsellor with training in using play in therapy, who also works as a one to one School counsellor in RBWM for Number 22 community counselling services.